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OUYA – Will you?

June 3, 2014

Every once in a while there is a developmental boom in the world the eighties gave us LINUX early noughties gave us the android revolution and from that freeware revolution we now have a console for our open source creative side.

I am of course talking about the OUYA (pronounced ooh-yah), this glorious piece of tech is a leading brand boosting creativity, so much so that an 8 year old has developed a game.

Amongst the many things that set this console apart from its main stream competitors is the fact that there are no “dominant force” game developers,quite literally anyone can sit down and make a game, and you are encouraged to! From the box it comes in it provides you with tools to take it apart and have a look at its insides and tweak as you please. It is HD compatible and supports 1080p as a standard.

Now this can lead to problems as everyone knows but as a general rule I live by in my career “if in doubt, chicken out” there are plenty of blogs ad forums to help you on this journey. As far as I can tell this is a brilliant way to get into developing and programming for anyone that has some free time.

I can tell that I seem to be focusing mainly on the positives of this machine, in fairness I think its fantastic, but there are downsides. The standard controller could do with some work, it seems visually unappealing and ergonomically akin to that of the old megadrive of times gone by. Also given that it is totally open source there is very little big company backing and this looks unlikely to get any real R+D.

The price is reasonable and to anybody who may have looked at the Rasberry PI and decided that they are not technically sound enough (myself included) this seems like a solid little investment at only $99 it seems a good bargain for at the very least a neat little console, and at the most a giant leap into the development world, This is a fun little Android based machine that will teach sound coding languages and practical methodologies to aspiring developers young and old alike

Happy Gaming all

Sam Cave is a Systems Engineer, avid gamer, open source enthusiast,