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Fish Plays Pokemon: A modern day twist on the infinite monkey theorem

August 10, 2014

The infinite monkey theorem suggests that if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, eventually it will create the works of Shakespeare. Fish plays Pokemon is a modern day twist on this, if a fish swims randomly in its bowl swimming through digitally mapped controller buttons, eventually the fish will become a Pokemon master by defeating the elite four.

The feeling however is similar to that of the infinite monkey theorem. Almost a week in and Grayson the fish is still floundering around in pallet town. However Charmander has been selected and our hero has defeated his rival in a battle. Cheered on by thousands of viewer on twitch tv, everyone can see how rubbish fish are at video games.

By spending hours watching not a lot happen, I can’t help but ask myself these questions.

Is this stream pointless? Yes.

Is the stream fun? Yes.

Will Grayson the fish ever defeat the elite four and become a Pokemon master? Probably not, with an infinite amount of time maybe but fish have lifespans and I fear Grayson may be flushed down a toilet before his destiny of becoming a Pokemon master can be achieved.

Fish plays Pokemon is streaming 24/7 over at Fish plays Pokemon (Twitch)