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TRAILER: Interstellar

July 29, 2014

Christopher Nolan is back with his new epic Sci-fi film Interstellar and so far this year Warner Bros have released a teaser and full length trailer with a new trailer being previewed at Comic Con , Rumor has it that this new trailer will also be attached to The Guardians of the Galaxy movie being released this week (UK).

The trailers so far don’t give away too much but points towards a futuristic setting where the world has run out of food and man’s only hope is to explore space cue Matthew Mcconaughey and how this impacts his personal life with his family. The space scene’s so far look amazing and give us a 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe.

According to reports from Comic Con, new the trailer focuses more only space and planet exploration and we will have the trailer up as soon as its out.

Interstellar - Teaser Trailer

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